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Burhani Signs

We do great Digital Printing work for leading companies that includes retail outlets, trade shows, events, automobile and entertainment industries.

Burhani Signs provide brands with superior and customized printing solutions, no matter the project scope, timing or challenges. We have an unmatched legacy in Large Format digital printing and have worked with some of the top marketing companies in UAE.


The basis of a true partnership is Trust and we work hard to earn it. With Burhani Sign, you can get Peace of Mind on important projects and have confidence in our ability to deliver on time, on budget with our processes which are tested by clients who demand the highest level of service.


Quality comes from continued investments in the very best, state of the art equipment and the commitment to using only the Highest Quality Inks and Materials.


We can handle special projects without compromising on quality and we can expedite any project.


And finally what we do best is make it EASY for our clients to be successful. The best compliment we have received is that we can execute what other digital printers can’t.

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